Wake Up Nigeria!!


This is uncommon for me to write these days! But something struck me yesterday. I was going through Instagram and I stumbled on the Bill Gates profile.
And I go intrigued by the life of this one man. This man has been my role model from way back in primary school not because I had to answer current affairs questions on "who is the richest man in the world?" Or "who is the founder of Microsoft?"
One thing I had always admired is his philanthropy. I have seen him associate himself with worthy cause like eradicating polio, fighting malaria and so many other things.
That not even what got me thinking. I thought deeply about something very fundamental, something that people don't pay much attention to: Africans have a negligent attitude. Africans try to run from responsibilities.
This one man has painstakingly taken upon himself to do for Africa what most of its government wouldn't do in decades. What are we busy doing: Arguing about who serves the best jollof rice: Ghana or Nigeria.
Over the years, it has appears the only thing we have been successful at creating is epic twitter clap backs.
We leave people from the outside to solve our own problems. It seemed normal to me up until yesterday. It doesn't just make sense! This is the sole reason Africa is behind and I fear may always be. There's a basic stuff: we run from responsibilities.
We are merely spectators and consumers in this place called earth. All we do is consume and consume and live of what people from the outside idea. In a nation where we import toothpicks, how can we even solve more sophisticated needs ON OUR OWN. This is the sickening reality we live in.
We need our own to be conscious that this stuff is our own and like the legendary Dettoll advert If we don't take care of it, who will?
This mentality is capable of engaging people in solving problems confronting us as a nation in all area of endeavor.
Wake Up Nigeria!!
I have made some resolutions, you should seriously consider making some. Get involved don't just sit at the sideline: Donate! Give! Create! Impact!
Just one step is all that takes to make a difference!
It is funny how my random meandering on Instagram gave birth to something revolutionary!
Thank you for your time.
(Caption: Bill Gates saying you know what! This guy is right. Listen to him! He has a point)



I want to use this opportunity to appreciate God for keeping everyone that has taken time out to visit this blog this year. We appreciate you and would love to hear from you. Your encouragement is fuel for continuity. Let us know what you like to see more on our blog in 2018.
No doubt it has been for us all a season of the showers of blessings as it was covenanted with us at the beginning of the year.
We bless God for the grace to be at your service.For the insightful messages and words of inspirations provided on this platform, it is all to the glory of God.
But watch it, for your faith and continued stay on this platform, God has marked you out for a blessing.
In the year 2018, God has yet covenanted with us again. He has promised to give us a new instrument or tool that would culminate in NEW DIMENSIONS in all areas of our lives.Expect to see NEW THINGS, NEW POSSIBILITIES, NEW REALITIES,  NEW CAPACITIES, NEW RELATIONSHIPS, and NEW MANIFESTATIONS in this coming year. Judges 15:15,  Isaiah 41:15, 42:9, 43:19.
On the world scale, expect to see new developments that would shake the foundations of cultures, societies, nations and continents. Power would be changing hands suddenly. New order of changes shall be experienced across the nations of the earth. The political and economic landscape of nations would undergo a dramatic shift. 
The kingdom of God would yet be further projected more than it has ever been in any generation. Accelerated change is coming and it would begin positively with you in this group. God bless you and have a prosperous Christmas and prophesy fulfilling New year.
Pastor Kayode Daniels
CCYIGLOBAL Ministries.

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